The TKE Challenge


TKE expects serious attention to academic performance. A strong academic record not only prepares a student for success after graduation, but it represents strength of mind to the world. TKE helps our members excel in their academic lives and helps them graduate.

Over 30 scholarships rewarding academic excellence are presented each year, and the All-Teke Academic Team recognizes chapter leadership and academic success. The TKE Educational Foundation offers programs to help reduce the cost of student loans.


Generations of men have become successful in life through their experiences in Tau Kappa Epsilon. TKE teaches the basic principles of effective living such as integrity, honesty, and patience, which are core values in our Fraternity.

TKE provides our members with educational opportunities that foster academic excellence, character development, team building, and leadership. New members are given The Teke Guide, a manual containing the history, traditions, organization, and ideals of the Fraternity.


TKE offers young men the opportunity to develop as leaders and prepares them to use those leadership skills throughout their lifetime. Tekes are enouraged to take an active leadership role in community, campus, and chapter activities. Studies show that three fourths of U.S. senators and represenativies are fraternity or sorority members.

Regional coferences are held annually across North America to assist chapters in all areas of operations, motivation, and leadership. Conclave, a biennial meeting, is an opportunity for the Fraternity to vote on legislation, elect a new Board of Directors, recognize Tekes who have excelled, and educate our members. Leadership Academy is a summer training program that emphasizes self-development.


Tau Kappa Epsilon believes that the backbone of a successful team is based on building relationships, and developing strong interpersonal ties. TKE helps our members reach their full potential and achieve a level of excellence in athletics, Fraternity business, campus activities, or anything else they do.


TKE is committed to instilling a sense of responsibility and contribution in all of our members. The Fraternity encourages members to provide service to their campus and community through national philanthropic activities. Fraternities and sororities contribute countless hours and raise millions of dollars for charitable organizations around the world.

Tau Kappa Epsilon has announced its national partnership with the Alzheimer's Association, both in tribute to President Ronald Reagan and as a part of its ongoing commitment to ending this devastating disease.


In Tau Kappa Epsilon more than 250,000 men have established solid friendships that last a lifetime. Tekes all around the world act as a network of friends, which can be very beneficial, both personally and professionally. Stated in our Declaration of Principles, "We believe that the essential elements of true brotherhood are love, charity, and esteem."